Меридиан Интернэшнл Групп Лимитед, представительство 


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Меридиан Интернэшнл Групп Лимитед, представительство 

Meridian International Group Limited sells high quality limited edition prints, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics via e-commerce.

Meridian International Group Limited is a global organization with European headquarters in Malta, a representative office and warehouse in Moscow, and the IT Department located in UK. Our core management team is made up of hand picked team of specialists in Art procurement, high level scientists, researchers and professional in cosmetics, Nutritional Experts, Marketing, Customer Service, Financial, and Technology.

The company has invested heavily in building a state-of-the-art e-commerce infrastructure, developing sales, marketing tools and procuring exclusive print rights to the works of many great artists.

Meridian International Group Limited has also developed a range of high quality Nutritional Supplements and cosmetics products for Russia and ex CIS countries.

The company is currently expanding it's marketing of the business concept in the USA, UK, Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

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